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Vishnu Meaning – Hindu God Vishnu Word Meaning

Vishnu word meaning is found in the Vishnu Sahasranama – the thousand names of Vishnu. Vishnu meaning – the all pervading. He is the one who has entered into everything; the inner cause and power by which things exist.

Vishnu is one of the three principal gods of Hinduism. He is the protector and sustainer of the universe. This particular teaching is only applicable until a devotee thinks that God is different from him.

When there is self realization and ignorance is removed a devotee sees only Vishnu. Only He exists. He is eternal. There is no second. All are his forms.

Thus Vishnu is all pervading.

The root meaning of the word Vishnu is all-pervasive (vyapta) or omnipresent.

The word Vishnu is made up of four components. These are vi, sh, n, u.
Vi - convesy uniqueness
s - means He regulates
n - denotes strength
u - is the combination of all that constitutes his nature.