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Thiruthuraipoondi Temple – Piravi Marundeeswarar Temple Thiruthuraipoondi in Tiruvarur in Tamil Nadu

Piravi Marundeeswarar Temple at Thiruthuraipoondi in Tiruvarur in Tamil Nadu is dedicated to Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Shiva is worshipped in the temple as Marundeeswarar and Gajasamhara Murthy. Goddess Parvati is worshipped as Periyanayaki.

Why the Shrine is Piravi Marundeeswarar Temple?

A unique aspect of the temple is that Shiva murti faces West. It is said that worship of Shiva here helps in attaining moksha on earth – escape from cycle of birth and death. Self realization dawns on a person and he sheds ignorance. Piravi means birth. Worship here is to put an end to the suffering of birth - life - death - birth.

The temple has subsidiary shrines dedicated to manifestations of Shiva and Mother Goddess. Ganesha and Muruga are also worshipped in the temple.

Thiruthuraipoondi Temple and Ashwini Nakshatra

The temple is also associated with the Ashwini Nakshatra. Those people born in Ashwini Nakshatra offer prayers here to get relief from horoscope related problems. Special pujas are offered here by Ashwnin Nakshatra people.

Story of Thiruthuraipoondi Piravi Marundeeswarar Temple

Legend has it that a demoness got back her husband due to her purity, piety and worship of Shiva and Goddess Parvati at the spot where the temple is located. A demon used to devour people and it was objected by his wife who was different from her kind. Once the demon devoured a boy who was going to the banks of Ganga to perform Shradh and Tarpan (annul rituals dedicated to dead parents and ancestors).

The demoness tried to reason with the demon but he did not listen and devoured the boy. The demon immediately died.

The demoness then prayed to Shiva and Parvati for relief. Goddess Parvati appeared before her and restored her husband and the boy.

The boy wanted to know why his life was restored. Mother Goddess told him that she cannot take the life of a person abruptly when he was heading to perform Shradh with devotion and dedication.

The demoness got the boon that those who offer prayers in the spot where Goddess manifested will be blessed with good husbands. Prayers offered here will also bring about change in the character of bad husbands.