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Goddess Bhavani

Goddess Bhavani is one among the numerous forms of Mother Goddess Shakti. This name is especially used to refer to the fierce form that She took to annihilate demons Mahishasura and his companions. Bhavani is one among the important names of Goddess Parvati. The name is also used to refer to Goddess Parvati as the consort of Shiva.

Bhavani means existence or coming into being.

Bhava also means samsara or the world. Mother Goddess is responsible for the seemingly real world of names and forms. She creates all beings in the world, nurtures them and protects life. Hence she is called Bhavani. (please note that there are numerous meaning attributed to the name Bhavani)

It is also believed that Mother Goddess appeared in the form of Bhavani and blessed Sri Ram and Hanuman before the epic battle in the Ramayana to rescue Mata Sita.

One of the most famous images associated with Goddess Bhavani is that Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj kneeling down before Her and taking Her blessings.

One of the most popular murtis of Goddess Bhavani is that of the Tulja Bhavani worshipped in Maharashtra and that of Khir Bhavani in Jammu and Kashmir.

A prayer associated with Bhavani is the Bhavani Ashtakam written by Adi Shankaracharya.