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Lokaloka Mountain

Lokaloka Mountain is mentioned in Puranas especially Vishnu Purana and Bhagavad Purana. It acts as a boundary between the worlds of humans and gods. Shiv Tantra states that the foot of the Lokaloka Mountain is the playground of the gods.

Lokaloka is a boundary between the earth and the void space. The world of the gods exists after the void space.

Lokaloka is a region of the gold. The surface shines like a mirror. There are no living beings in this space.

The height and breadth of the mountain is such that the light of sun, polar star and other stars do not penetrate it.

The four corners of the Lokaloka Mountain are guarded by diggajas named Vrshabha, Puspachuda, Vamaha and Aparajitha.

More information

The Puranas, such as Srimad Bhagavatam (5.20), narrate the existence of a mythical mountain known as Lokaloka or Cakravala, situated at the southernmost tip of the earth, bordering the sea. Its name, Cakravala, is derived from its circular shape, resembling hair to Mother Earth (cakra = circular; vala = hair). Referred to as 'Lokaloka,' it earns its name because one side is perpetually bright (loka = bright), while the opposite side remains in constant darkness (aloka = dark). The sun consistently rises and sets within the confines of its circular barrier. Beyond Lokaloka lies a realm of perpetual darkness. Nevertheless, this does not impede the spirits of virtuous individuals who ascend to higher worlds.