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Kalishila – Footprints of Goddess Kali on Rock near Kalimath – Uttarakhand

Kailshila is the place where the footprints of Goddess Kali can be found on a rock. It is believed that at this spot Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva offered prayers to Her before She began the battle against demon Raktabeeja. The actual footprints can be seen on a high rock – which is a 7 km trek from Kalimath Shrine dedicated to Goddess Kali.

On the way to Kalishila (quite nearby) there is an ashram of an old Babaji - Barkha Giri – and a German pious woman – Ma Saraswati Giri.

Kalishila is located near a triangular rock face inclined at 60 degree angle. There is a tiny landing stretch on the rock and there one can see a triangular transparent crystal nearly 4 inches wide jutting out of the rock.

The stone looks like a Tantric Yantra and there are mantras inscribed on the rock.

Legend has it that Indra and other Devas performed austerities here to invoke Goddess Shakti to defeat the demons. She is believed to have appeared here.