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How Snake Vasuki Became Rope For The Churning Ocean?

Vasuki Snake was used by Devas (demigods) and Asuras (demons) as rope during the churning of ocean (Samudra Manthan). The story of Vasuki joining the churning of ocean is very interesting – it shows pride achieves nothing.

When the time of churning of ocean was decided, Garuda was asked to bring Vasuki from his palace. Vasuki resided in the palace of Varuna, the sea god.

Garuda and Nagas (snakes) were enemies. Garuda ordered Vasuki to reach the spot. Vasuki said that as his movement is slow and it would be better if Garuda carried him fast to the destination. Garuda agreed to carry him on his beak.

Garuda took the middle part of Vasuki and flew up into the horizon but the tail and head remained on the ground. Garuda then folded the huge snake into two and flew up into the sky but the result was the same. Garuda could not carry Vasuki and returned without him.

Finally, Shiva stretched his arm into the sea and Vasuki took the form of a bangle and reached the spot of the churning of ocean.