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Gandharva Tantra Teachings

The king of yogis, who under all circumstances is free from joy and sorrow, and is equanimous in the face of censure, praise, cold, heat, happiness, and sorrow; who is knower of the three (tantric) tattwas (atma-tattwa, vidya-tattwa, and shiva-tattwa), as well as the significance of the guru’s feet and the meaning of the mantra; who is devoted to the deity and the guru and is given to the Shambhavi gesture — he, and not one who has merely had initiation, is a Kaulika fully consecrated to the tantric path.

Meditation, worship, repetition of mantra, and homa (free offerings) are the four limbs of yajna; the web of nyasa (the process of placing mantras on different body parts for purification and energization) its body, and knowledge of the ritual its soul; bhakti its head, faith its heart, and skill in performance is termed its eyes; knowing thus the body of yajna one must perform yajna daily, complete with these parts; loss of any part is a great wrong, so no part is to be rejected.

It is productive of extensive results, being constituted of metaphysics as well as mantras, and as it leads to liberation it is called ‘tantra’.
Gandharva Tantra