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Aghori Sadhus

Aghori Sadhus are worshippers of Lord Shiva and are living symbols of Hindu God Shiva on earth. As per Aghori Sect, all the people are ‘Shava’ (dead body) with emotions and desires and they should try to over come these emotions by becoming ‘Shiva.’ Aghoris don’t attach themselves to anything. They do things which most common people would not even like to think about.

Some scholars trace the orgin of Aghori sect to Dattatreya. Another view is that the aghori sect began with Sage Kinaram, who is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. A temple dedicated to Kinaram Baba in Varanasi is highly sacred to the Aghoris.

The word aghori means not terrifying. This symbolically means that all things in the world are Shiva and there is nothing to fear or worry about – all things are pure.

All places are the same for the aghori therefore they live on streets, cemetery etc. There are also aghoris who roam around naked – they have overcome Maya or illusion. They eat anything. They are representative of true humans in nature.