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Mangala Chaturthi - Information About Mangal Chaturti

Mangala Chaturthi is an auspicious day when fourth day or Chaturthi in a Hindu lunar fortnight falls on a Tuesday. The day is then considered highly auspicious for offering prayers to Ganesha. The day is highly auspicious as it is the Sankashtahara Chaturthi Vrata. This particular Sankashtahara Vrat is known as Angarak Sankashta Chaturthi as it fals on a Tuesday.

It must be noted that Mangal Chaturthi occurs whenever a Chaturthi falls on a Tuesday - the Chaturthi during the waxing phase of moon or waning phase of moon.

For many Ganesha devotees Mangala Chaturthi falling during the Krishna paksha or waning phase is highly meritorious and auspicious.

Those people who are having delay in marriage due to Mangalik yog will get relief after offering prayers on the day.

As per Hindu scriptures, those who offer vrat on the day will have their desire fulfilled.

It is believed that making donation or daan on the day by wearing red color cloth is highly meritorious. You can give food items, money or clothes to poor people on the day.

It is believed that those suffering Mangal dosh in their kundli will get relief after offering prayers and daan on the day.