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Kal Bhairav Mantra in Hindi

Kal Bhairav is the fierce manifestation of Shiva. Below is the Kal Bhairav Mantra in Hindi. It is believed that those who follow Dharma and have unwavering devotion will have their wishes fulfilled immediately by Kal Bhairav.

The best day to chant the mantra is Sunday. It should be chanted 108 times.

Kal Bhairav Mantra in Hindi

॥ऊं भ्रं काल भैरवाय फ़ट॥
।। हं षं नं गं कं सं खं महाकाल भैरवाय नम:।।
|| भयहरणं भैरव: ||
शत्रु बाधा निवारण हेतु -
ऊं ह्रीं बटुकाय आपदुद्धारणाय कुरूकुरू बटुकाय ह्रीं।