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Seven Earth like Planets Discovered – Saptarishis in Hindu Religion

Seven earth-size exoplanets were discovered by NASA scientists. As per scientists, some or all of which could harbor water and possibly life. Now there is a concept of Saptarishis in Hinduism – they are seven divine beings who reside in the sky. In Hindu religion, they are the mind born sons of Brahma and creation is carried out through them. Those are not seven earth like planets but far superior than earth.

The cycle of creation and destruction goes on, and at each new beginning the saptrarishis appear from the Supreme Truth (Vishnu or Shiva or Devi) to continue the process of creation.

If you are a follower of Hinduism, or a person having keen interest in the religion, you might be aware that Hinduism strongly believes that there are far more superior beings outside in the universe than the human beings are.

Scriptures of Hinduism are full of hints of inferior and superior beings out in the universe.

There are millions and millions of life forms out there in the vast universe.

God (Brahman, the Supreme Truth) that Hindus refer to is beyond imagination and description. It is not limited by time or space. Creation and destruction is constantly taking place in That.

Seven earth-size exoplanets was just a chance spotting by humans. Our scientists are missing such planets daily.

What is in us is there in those planets too. What is in us and in those planets is present in innumerable forms throughout the universe.

Thoughts of Human beings are limited by ignorance. When the veil of ignorance is removed, we will be able to realize our unlimited potential.

Those seven earth-size exoplanets contains life and surely more superior than ours.