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Hinduism Beliefs

Hinduism Beliefs - There is only one Supreme Truth called by different names. That is present in all animate and inanimate. Everything rise and fall in this Supreme Truth. There is nothing outside That. This is the core Hindu belief. Hinduism thus extols equality of not just human beings but also of plants and animals. All are forms of That.

Hinduism gives the freedom to an individual to define the Supreme Truth. Thus, Hinduism has numerous gods and goddesses. A person might use any form to understand the Supreme Truth. New forms will be used in future. So there is no end to forms through which Supreme Truth can be understood.

Happiness is not outside but it is within. This is one of the most important teachings of Hinduism. All we have to remove the veil of ignorance and realize the Light within. That same light is present in all animate and inanimate.

Human beings suffer due to ignorance. Ignorance in the form of attachment, desire, anger, ego etc. When there is clear understanding of the nature of universe suffering disappears. Whatever happiness we get from outside source will disappear soon. So search for that which is constantly present and that is within us.

There is no death in Hinduism. There is only transformation. Why. Because we are all Supreme Truth – That has no death. New forms appear and merge – this continues.

There is no God sitting on the top with a remote control in Hinduism.

All prayers, rituals, worship are only methods of self-realization.

The only miracle is of self realization.

Please note that the thoughts are my personal opinion and a reflection of what I have learned so far.

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