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What Is It That Drives A Man To Sin Even Against His Will And As If By Compulsion?

Ever wondered what is that drives a man to sin even against his will as if by compulsion. Bhagavad Gita Chapter III answers this perplexing question.

It is desire, it is aversion, born of passion. Desire consumes and corrupts everything. It is man’s greatest enemy.

As fire is shrouded in smoke, a mirror by dust and a child by the womb, so is the universe enveloped in desire.

It is the wise man’s constant enemy; it tarnishes the face of wisdom. It is as insatiable as a flame of fire.

It works through the senses, the mind and the reason; and with their help destroys wisdom and confounds the soul.

Therefore, O Arjuna, first control thy senses and then slay desire, for it is full of sin, and is the destroyer of knowledge and of wisdom.

It is said that the senses are powerful. But beyond the senses is the mind, beyond the mind is the intellect, and beyond and greater than intellect is He.

Thus, O Mighty-in-Arms, knowing Him to be beyond the intellect and, by His help, subduing thy personal egotism, kill your enemy, desire, extremely difficult though it be.