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Paduka Sahasram Story

Paduka Sahasram is a Vaishnava text and it was composed by Sri Vedanta Desika. It consists of 1000 verses on the pair of Paduka, or sandals, on which Bhagavan Srihari Vishnu’s or his avatars feet rest.

Legend has it that the entire Paduka Sahasram was composed in one night.

It was composed by the Vaishnava Acharya in order to help his disciples, who were challenged by a rival Vaishnava School called the Tenkalais. The work is said to have been composed in the third quarter of the night.

Sri Vedanta Desika composed 1000 verses and his rivals could only compose 300 verses.

Some of the important verses in the text are dedicated to the sandals of Bhagavan Sri Rama.

“Rama is the support of the entire Universe; but You, the sandals, are the support of Him.”