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Dreaming Of Holding A Bird – Meaning

Dreaming of holding bird is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will overcome misery, unexpected problems and fights in life through courage and good luck. Dreams of holding a bird mean travel to distant places.

Dreaming of holding predatory bird like eagle, vulture etc means courage and defeat of enemies. It also means you will take up dangerous activities.

Dream of holding a white color bird means peace in life. There will be calmness. It also means a period of no activity.

Dreams of holding colorful bird means you will soon find love and there will be joyous occasion in life. It also means taking a relationship to next level.

Dream of holding green color bird is a sign of success.

Dreaming of holding black color bird is a sign of death in family or of friends.

Dream of holding red color bird means progress and desire fulfillment.