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Dreaming Of Hidden Treasure – Meaning

Dreaming of hidden treasure is a positive sign and related to hope as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will be able to solve the hardest of problems you come across. Dreams of hidden treasure also mean change of luck and solution to property and financial matters.

Dream of treasure and a lot of them means you will see positive development in life. There will be progress through work and contacts. It also means victory in lottery and games.

Dream of hidden treasure and you see someone else trying to pick it up means lost opportunity. It also means you need to be careful and make you use of any opening or breakthrough. The dream is also asking you to not to reveal your findings to anyone.

Dreaming of hidden treasure and you see people you know means progress through cooperation.

Please note that a dream should happen naturally to have a meaning. Watching, reading or hearing about treasure and then seeing dream at night has no meaning. It is just a continuation of daytime activities.