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Satyanarayana Ashtothram Hindi pdf – Satyanarayana Prayer

One of the popular prayers dedicated to Satyanarayana form of Bhagavan Vishnu is the chanting of the Satyanarayana Ashtothram. Below is Satyanarayana Ashtothram lyrics in Hindi in pdf format. You can download the file and save it for future use. 

Link Satyanarayana Ashtothram In Hindi pdf

Chanting the Satyanarayana Ashtothram daily is considered highly auspicious. The mantra is chanted on all days by devotees. It is highly meritorious to chant especially on Thursdays and Saturdays. 

The benefits of chanting Satyanarayana Ashtottara Shatanamavali include peace and prosperity. It is also chanted for early marriage, wealth and good children. It is also chanted for happy married life.