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Goddess Chonnamma Bhagavathy Theyyam - Story - Information

Goddess Chonnamma Bhagavathy is a unique Theyyam with a long headgear and is performed in certain temples in Kannur district, Kerala. The story of origin Goddess Chonnamma Bhagavathy is based on a local legend. She is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti.

As per local story, Eravallikolothamma who did not have children went to Irushi forest and performed intense penance to beget a child. While she was performing penance in the forest a divine incident took place nearby.

A doe (female deer) ate a flower which was discarded by a Rishi after chanting mantras. The doe later gave birth to a human baby. A kurathi (woman) took the baby and gave it to Eravallikolothamma who was doing penance in the forest.

This child, who was of divine birth, showed divinity and became Chonnamma Bhagavathy or Chukanna Amma.

It is said that Pithrvadi Nair who was cutting down tree (pana tree) to make arrow discovered the presence of Goddess Chonnamma.

The Theyyam of Chonamma Bhagavathy is performed by the Vannam community.

Chonnamma Bhagavathy theyyam is particularly noted for its deep red color and long headgear.

Temples dedicated to Chonnamma Bhagavathy  are Kannur Koyyam Munambu Kadavu Arayil chonnamma Kshethram, Kannur Kuttiattoor Pazhassi Vediyera Chukannamma Kottam, and Kannur Pilathara Paravoor Chonnamma temple.

The above temples perform Chonnamma Bhagavathy Theyyam. This theyyam is performed and worshipped in the following temples too - Taliparamba Poovam Kooveri Vallikkadavu Puthiya Bhagavathy temple, Kannur Varam Sree Vishwakarma Devi Kshetram, Kannur Naaraath Cheruvakkara Kuruvanparamb Sree Vishwakarma Temple and Kannur Kambil Cheruvaakkara Kuruvanparambu Sree Viswakarma Bhagavathy Kshethram.