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Dreaming Of Clock – Meaning

Dreaming of clock can be positive and negative as per dream meaning and interpretation. A person seeing the dream of clock will see change of luck. There will be new relationship and new knowledge. Dreams of clock also mean getting late or missing an opportunity especially if you wake up scared or sad or disturbed from the dream.

Dream of clock is connected with life and punctuality. Repeatedly see clock means you are running out of time and you need to complete your duties. The dream is asking you to make use of all opportunities that comes in your way to get out of the present life crisis. It also means you should avoid delaying things and be before time for all appointments.

Dreaming of clock and you are present in the dream means you need to be careful about your health. It also means you should avoid rushing especially while using vehicles.

Dreams of clock and you are not present in the dream means forgetting an important appoint or being very later for something significant in life.

Please note that for a dream to have meaning you should see it naturally without any daytime influence. If you have been watching about clock on visual media or reading or taking about and then having dream of it does not have any meaning.