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Dreaming of Heels – Meaning – Cracked Heels Dream – Red – Black – Heals

Dreaming of heels is both positive and good as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will achieve success and there will be new relationship or marriage. Dreams of cracked heel mean embarrassment and pain.

Dream of broken heels is associated with problems in public especially due to your appearance. It also means rejection.

Dreaming of black heels means sudden problems associated with health. It also means death in the family.

Dreams of white heels are associated with supernatural troubles in home or workplace. It also means haunted by ghosts or other similar things. The fear will be mostly psychological.

Dream of red heels means marriage. It also means romance and new relationship.

Dreams of pink heels mean disease and health issues. It also means unexpected problems in life and you will find it difficult to solve them.