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Vayala Vadakku Indilayappan Temple – History – Miracles - Festivals

Vayala Vadakku Indilayappan temple is located at Valaya Vadakku – Kaipattoor Nariyapuram in Pathanamthitta district, Kerala. The shrine is dedicated to Indilayappan – a combined form of Mahadeva Shiva and Ayyappa. The deity is lovingly referred to as Appoppan (Grandfather). Special Appam is offered to the deity on the Karkidaka Vavu Bali day.

The main deity worshiped in the sanctum sanctorum is in the form of a natural grown black shila. The deity has no roof and is exposed to nature.

As per local history, a tall, muscular old man attired in saffron helps people who are distress and arrive at the temple. It is believed that this is Indilayappan. Another belief is that on Amavasya day, Devas conduct puja in the place.

Story of Vayala Vadakku Indilayappan Temple

It is said that a poor woman who went to collect firewood happened to sharpen her sickle on a projected natural grown black rock. To her astonishment, blood oozed out from the rock indicating the divine presence.  The alarmed woman immediately brought the matter to the notice of village elders.  The elders discovered the presence of Bhagavan on the shila.

Villages cleared the shrubs and worshipped the murti with flowers and milk. Later it was revealed that the murti is located in the middle of a pond known as Thodukulam.  

The shrine also has the presence Ganapathi, Shasthavu, Goddess Durga and Maha Vishnu, Moorthi, Yakshi, Gandharvan, Karimkali Moorthi, Brahmarakshas, Nagarajavu, Nagayakshi,Ghantakarna and Bhairava.

The temple originally belonged to Maramattath Illam. They had handed over the ownership to NSS Karayogam. The temple is now managed by NSS.

Noorum Palum ritual is held in the temple on Ayilyam nakshatra day in Meda Masam (April – May).

The shrine also observes Vishu, Ramayana Masam, various rituals in Chinga Masam, Mandankunnu Mala Ezhunnallathu and Guruthi. The temple conducts Jeevitha Ezhunnallathu ritual.

The annual festival in the temple is held in December month. Parayeduppu, Jeevitha ezhunnallathu, para, kalamezhuthu pattu are part of the annual festival which is held for twelve days. Melam, thalappoli, traditional performing art forms of temples of Kerala and music are part of the annual festival.

Ezhunnallathu of the deity on Jeevatha during evening of the festival days is the most important event. In Kalamezhuthu pattu is held on all days – image of gods and goddesses from Hindu pantheon are created on floor using traditional natural color powders.