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Shatananda In Ramayana

Shatananda was the eldest son of Sage Goutama and Ahalya. He was present in the court of King Janaka, when Sri Rama and Lakshmana arrived there along with Sage Vishwamitra in the Bala Kanda of Ramayana (Chapter 1 (50). Shatananda thanks Sri Rama for uniting Sage Goutama and Ahalya.

Shatananda then narrates the greatness of Vishwamitra to Rama in the following words – It is a good fortune that you have come here, with Vishwamitra, the unvanquished maharishi. He is infinite in his splendor and austerities and has accomplished unthinkable deeds. The immensely energetic Vishvamitra has to be recognized as the supreme destination. The truth is that there is no one on earth who is more blessed than he is.

Shatananda then goes on to narrate the story of how king Vishwamitra became a Maharishi.