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Dreaming Of GF Leaving Me – Meaning

Dreaming of gf leaving me as per dream interpretation and meaning it is a sign of fear and insecurity. The dream means you need to develop good mental strength and better understanding of life. Dreams of your gf leaving you means you are in an insecure relationship and you will have threats from family or social situation.

Dream of gf leaving and you crying means you are in a bad relationship and you need to do something about it. You should take bold decisions if you have some doubts about your relationships.

Dreaming of gf leaving you and you are happy means you will soon end a bad relationship.

Dream of gf leaving you for someone you know means you will be cheated by someone whom you trusted. You need to be careful about your finance and you should not reveal your secrets to others.

Dream of gf leaving you for a stranger means you will soon face problems in life due to the activity of an unknown person. This can be an accident or cheating or fight.