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Story of Hanuman and Jambumali in Ramayana

The story of Hanuman and Jambumali in Ramayana happened when Hanuman reached Lanka in search of Mata Sita. Jambumali was the son of demon Prahasta and lived in a lake of liquor. Ravana made a lake of liquor for him, as he was restless and would pick up a fight on the slightest pretext. The other demons were unable to face the wrath of the powerful demon.

Jambumali was woken up by the soldiers of Ravana and they reported to him about the serious situation in Lanka and the havoc created by Hanuman.

Jambumali soon arrived in the court of Ravana and here the demon king asked him to kill Hanuman.

Jambumali dashed off to Ashok Vatika where Hanuman was last spotted.

The demon shot arrows at Hanuman but they were easily warded off. They then fought with crude weapons like trees, rocks a, d mountains. They hurled them on each other.  But all this had no effect on Hanuman.

Jambumali then grew in size. Hanuman was now only up to his knees.

Jambumali thought of crushing Hanuman. But when he looked around he could only find round walls near him.

Hanuman had now grown in size and the round objects that Jambumali saw were the knees of Hanuman.

Jambumali then took his natural form and challenged Hanuman. Hanuman also took is normal form.

They both attacked each other with rocks, club, and trees.

Finally, Hanuman picked up an iron mace and killed Jambumali with it.

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