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Vighna Ganapati - Sri Vighna Ganapati Mantra - Worship For Getting Job

Vighna Ganapati is one among the 32 forms of Ganesha. This form of Ganesh is propitiated for removing all troubles and impediments. He removes all the obstacles. Ideal form of Ganesha to be worshipped by those searching for jobs.

Sri Vighna Ganapati Mantra is –

Shankheshu Chaapa kusumeshu kuthara
pashachakra swadanta sruni manjarikaa sharaduhai.
Paanishritaih parisameehita bhhoshana shrih
vighneshvaro vijayato tapaneeya gaur
Worship For Getting Job

Vighna Ganapati Form

This form of Ganesha has eight hands. Vighna Ganapati is depicted as having golden color. He holds a conch, sugarcane, flower, axe, broken tusk, wheel, paddy and durva grass.

Benefits of Worshipping Vighna Ganapati

Meditating upon Vighna Ganapati and offering prayers helps a person in removing obstacles and bad influences.
It is believed that daily worship of this form of Ganesha brings in prosperity.
This form is worshipped for success in exams and interviews.

Along with devotion one should practice single-minded focus and approach all aspects of life with determination and positivity.