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Basti Cleansing In Yoga – Enema For Colon Cleansing

In Hatha Yoga, basti is one of the six cleansing acts. As described in Hatha Yoga Pradipika (II. 26), Yoga experts practiced basti in a river with water reaching upto the navel. It is a highly effective enema for colon cleansing.

Bansi Enema Process

A tube such as a lotus stalk would be inside the rectum, while standing in the waist pose (Utkatasana), bending the knees slightly, keeping the hands pressed on the knees. After a deep expiration the student performed nauli madhyama by pulling the abdominal wall back and isolating the abdominal recti with a slight push below the navel, keeping the wall of the abdomen relaxed.

This created a vacuum inside the abdominal cavity, due to which water was sucked inside the rectum through the tube.

Thus basti is a sort of yogic enema in which water rushes up to the caecum from where the colon begins.

After two or three repetitions, nearly half a liter of water can be sucked in. Then the tube may be taken out, and after rolling the abdominal recti by the process of nauli-chalana, clockwise and anti-clockwise, water can be passed out along with the contents of the colon.

In modern times basti can be practiced in a toilet, using a pot containing water, and a rubber tube in place of lotus stalk. Basti helps to clean the alimentary tract, especially the colon and removes disorders.

It is more effective than the usual enema because in it water is sucked in by the force of vacuum. It gives a feeling of well-being and physical fitness.