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Twenty Eight Incarnations of Shiva in the Linga Purana - Name of Shiva in 28 Yugas

The twenty eight incarnations of Shiva are mentioned in the Linga Purana. It is believed that Shiva appear on earth in a form in each yuga and as there have been 28 yugas in the present manvantara, there are 28 incarnations of Shiva.

It must be noted here that Shiva can appear in any form in the universe. Hindus should not worry much about names and forms.

The list of names that we find in Puranas are just a miniscule.

Instead of concentrating on name and form we should have unwavering devotion to the Supreme Truth. Shiva is formless and this is best explained through the Shivling - the formless.

Learning and knowing the names are good for academic interest but getting engrossed in name and form and straying from the path of truth will push a person back into cycle of birth and death.

Twenty Eight Incarnations of Shiva in the Linga Purana

  1. Shveta
  2. Sutara
  3. Madana
  4. Suhotra
  5. Kanchana
  6. Lokakshi
  7. Jagishavya
  8. Dadhivahana
  9. Rishabha
  10. Muni
  11. Ugra
  12. Atri
  13. Vali
  14. Gautama
  15. Vedashirsha
  16. Gokarna
  17. Guhavasi
  18. Shikhandabhrit
  19. Jatamali
  20. Attahasa
  21. Daruka
  22. Langali
  23. Mahakaya
  24. Shuli
  25. Mundishvara
  26. Sahishnu
  27. Somasharma
  28. Jagadguru