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Kemadruma Yoga In Hindu Astrology - Effects In Horoscope - Mahatma Gandhi Had Kemadruma Yoa

Kemadruma Yoga is a planetary configuration in Hindu astrology considered to be unfavorable. It is a yoga caused by the absence of planets in either the twelfth or the second house calculated from the moon in an individual’s horoscope. Mahatma Gandhi had kemadruma yoga. 

Hindu astrology describes many yogas indicating the effects of planets or grahas in different houses of the horoscope of a person.

Kemadruma Yoga is not considered favorable for the prosperity of an individual as per Hindu astrology. Other grahas do not support the functions of the moon.

Effects Of Kemadruma Yoga In The Life Of A Person

  • The person with this yoga will feel lonely and lead a rather difficult life.
  • He or she will be grief-stricken, poor, doing wrong deeds.
  • He is dependent on others, arrogant, and fraudulent.
  • Normally an individual with this yoga will be with unclean habits, dirty, poor and will be devoid of wealth.

How Is Kemadruma Yoga Calculated?

Of the moon is in Mars sign and if there are no planets either preceding or succeeding the Mars sign, the individual is affected by the Kemadruma Yoga.

Either the moon be in a Kendra (first, fourth, seventh and tenth from lagna) or a trikona (first, fifth and ninth from lagna) house, or be in conjunction with another planet, Kemadruma Yoga will be greatly neutralized.

Kemadruma Yoga in Horoscope of Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi had Kemadruma Yoga in his horoscope, because there were not planets in either the twelfth or the second house calculated from the moon. However, the moon was in the tenth house (a Kendra). This greatly neutralized the Kemadruma Yoga in his case.