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Do Not Buy Or Do These Things On Tuesday As Per Hindu Beliefs

Call it superstition but these beliefs are strong among Hindu communities and it cannot be changed overnight. There is a popular belief among certain Hindu communities that doing or buying certain things on Tuesday will usher in bad luck and it will cause problems in life and home.

Do Not Buy These Things On Tuesday

Cosmetics are not to be brought on Tuesday. This is because Tuesday is governed by Mangal grah and this fiery planet does not like it.

Products made of thickened milk like rabdi or rabri, barfi, kalakand, chena etc should be brought or made in the home.

Those food items that are donated should not be eaten by the person donating them.

One should not buy black color dress on Tuesday and one should not wear black color dress.

Materials made using iron should not be brought on Tuesday.

Nail cutter, knife, scissors and sharp objects should not be brought on Mangalwar or Tuesday.

Steel should not be brought on the day.

Havan should not be performed on Tuesday and one should not buy Havan related materials.

These things are mostly followed in North India. Some of them are followed in eastern and western parts of India. The majority of the above-said beliefs are not followed in South India.

These things are not mentioned in Hindu scriptures but are based on regional beliefs and astrological influence.