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Story of Shishupala – Curse – Deformed Birth – Boon From Krishna and 100 Forgiveness And Death

Shishupal was an important king mentioned in Mahabharata, Srimad Bhagavata Purana and other puranas. He is associated with Sri Krishna. It was Sri Krishna who killed him after forgiving him 100 times. The life of Shishupala is very interesting and is lesson on how anger, jealousy and hatred can cause one’s downfall.

Birth of Shishupala – Jaya – Vijaya Door Keepers Of Vaikuntha

Shishupala and Dantavakra were the manifestation of Jaya and Vijaya in Dwapara Yuga. They were undergoing their last birth according to the stipulation in the curse inflicted on them. Jaya – Vijaya were the guards of Vaikuntha. They were once cursed by the four manasaputras of Brahma for denying them an audience with Lord Vishnu.

The four manasaputras were Sanandana, Sanaka, Sanat Sujata and Sanat Kumara.

Deformed Birth of Shishupala And Prediction of His Death

Shishupala was the king of Chedi and a cousin of Sri Krishna.

Sri Krishna was the son of his paternal aunt.

When Shishupala was born he had three eyes, four hands and brayed like an ass. His parents King Damaghosha and Srutashravas decided to abandon him in a forest. 

When they were walking through the forest with their deformed newborn child, a forest ghost appeared before them and predicted that the child would grow strong and powerful. All his deformities would disappear when the person who was destined to kill him saw him and took him on his lap.

Krishna Saves Child Shishupala - Gives Boon To Mother

Shishupala’s mother placed the child on the lap of everyone who came to the palace; however, nothing happened.

When Sri Krishna took the child onto his lap, the child lost his third eye and extra limbs. He started crying a like a normal child.

Shisupala’s mother asked for a boon from Sri Krishna that he would not harm her son.

Sri Krishna gave Srutashravas the boon that he will forgive one hundred taunts and insults of Shishupala.

Shishupala A Wicked Ruler

Shisupala grew up to be a wicked man. He abducted maidens and indulged in reckless acts.

He crossed the path of Sri Krishna several times. Each time Sri Krishna forgave
Shishupala due to the boon given to his mother.

Shishupala was one among the several suitors of Draupadi. When attempting to lift the bow to shoot the target, he fell down. He was mocked by those present. He did create a commotion when Arjuna married Draupadi.

He was also a suitor of Princess Rukmini. Brother of Rukmini had chosen him to marry his sister. But Rukmini was in love with Krishna and eloped with him.

He attacked Dwaraka when Sri Krishna was not around but he found not success in this attempt.

He sided with Jarasandha and Duryodhana who were enemies of Krishna and Pandavas.

Shishupala indulged in numerous evil actions but was forgiven by Sri Krishna.

Death of Shishupala

The finale of offences came at the Rajasuya Yajna performed by the Pandavas at Indraprastha.

Shishupala objected to Sri Krishna being given first honors and started abusing Sri Krishna.

He also invited Sri Krishna to fight, who at last declared that his promise of tolerating Shishupala's one hundred insults was fulfilled.

Sri Krishna took out the sudarshana chakra on the 101 insult and cut off his head.