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What Is Amrita Siddhi Yoga? – Meaning And How It Is Calculated In Hindu Astrology

Amrita Siddhi Yoga is a highly auspicious time as per Hindu astrology. The time period of 6 to 12 hours occur a couple of times in a Hindu month. When Amrita Siddhi Yoga is present it nullifies all the inauspicious yogas and time like Vishti or Bhadra, Vaidhriti etc. A person can make all kinds of auspicious beginnings during the period. The time is ideal for travel,  job interview, exams, opening of shops, buying vehicles, land or selling.

How Is Amrita Siddhi Yoga Calculated?

For Amrita Siddhi Yoga to be present the following conditions should be met:

A particular nakshatra in the list of 27 nakshatras or birth star in Hindu astrology should be present on the day.

For example if Pushya Nakshatra is present on Thursday or Guruvar then there is a Amrita Siddhi Yoga. The yoga begins with sunrise on Thursday and ends when Pushya nakshatra ends or Thursday ends. The time is calculated from sunrise to before sunrise on next day.

Days When Amrita Siddhi Yoga Occurs

Monday – Mrigashira Nakshatra (Makayiram)
Tuesday – Ashwini (Ashwathy)
Wednesday – Vishakha
Thursday – Pushya (Poosam or Pooyam)
Friday – Revati
Saturday – Rohini
Sunday – Hasta (Atham)

Another similar and even more auspicious yoga is the Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga. It occurs more times in a month but is inferior to Amrita Siddhi Yoga in results.

There will be months when Amrita Siddhi Yoga is not totally present.