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Papa Samaya in Hindu Astrology – Evil or Sinful Time

The navagrahas or nine planets in Hindu astrology have been attributed with various properties. Papa Samaya (evil or sinful time) is one such property, which indicates when a particular navgraha is prone to give malefic results to the person because of the specific combination or place in which the graham is situated in the horoscope at a given time.

Varahamihira in his text Brihajjataka (2 – 5) describes the nature of these planets.

The classification is extensive, and for the final calculation of the strength of the planet about its ability to give a benefic result, all these factors are to be taken into consideration.

Papa Samaya for a navgraha arises because of one or more of these reasons:
  • By the nature of the planet itself, the sun, waning moon (after the tenth day in the dark half, for five days), Mars and Saturn are classified as papa grahas (sinful planets). The location of these planets in some bhavas will cause malefic results.
  • The combination of other planets with these will cause a duration of sin and could lead to malefic results.
  • The aspect (due vikshana) of such malefic planets could cause papa samaya for other planets, even though by nature they may be benefic.
  • The planet positioned in a house of debilitation due to sthana bala.
There are also methods of calculating the ten avasthas of a graha. Some avasthas are considered sinful times and may be added to this list.

Source Encyclopedia of Hinduism volume VIII 0 IHRF page 54.