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How to do Kal Bhairav Ashtami Puja? – Procedure of Kala Bhairava Ashtami Puja – How to observe the Kaal Bhairav Ashtami Puja

Kal Bhairav Ashtami is dedicated to the fierce manifestation of Mahakal Bhairav of Shiva. It is observed in Margashirsh month in traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India. Please note that the procedure of Kala Bhairava Ashtami Puja varies from region to region. Here is a brief idea on how to observe the Kaal Bhairav Ashtami Puja.

After morning purification rituals a painting or murti or photo of Bhairav is installed in the puja area. Some people also keep a Bhairav Yantra.

 How to observe the Kalbhariav Ashtami Puja

Lord Ganesha is remembered first and prayers are offered to him. A shloka dedicated to Ganesh is chanted.
  • One should face east while performing the puja.
  • Lamp should be lit using sesame oil (Til ka tel).
  • Panchopchar Vidhi is followed in Bhairav Puja. Panchopchar puja involves offering – Akshata (unbroken rice mixed with turmeric), dhoop (incense), diya (lamp), flowers, prasad or naivedya (food).
  • Incense should be of Lobaan.
  • Banyan tree leaves should be offered. 
  • Sindhoor and kajal should be applied on the Kal Bhairav.
  • The Prasad offered to Bhairav is black urad dal Vada fried in mustard seed oil. Another option is jalebi. A portion of the food is offered to black dog.
  • The prayer that is read out in the end is the Shri Bhairav Stuti or Bhairav Chalisa.
  • The puja is performed in the morning and the evening.
  • A complete fast is observed on the day by the Sadhak.
  • The mantra to be chanted on the day is ह्रीं काल भैरवाय नमः॥
  • The mantra should be chanted 108 times.
To get rid of fear - Those people who are suffering from fear should take a coconut and circle it around the head for eight times and then offer it in a Kal Bhairav Temple

To get rid of family problems - Offer Urad dal to Kal Bhairav and then feed it to a buffalo.

To defeat enemies - Chant Kal Bhairav Mantra and offer camphor (karpur) in a Bhairav Temple.

Kal Bhairav Mantra in Hindi