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Northwest Corner In Hindu Home Vastu - Eight Importance Of Vayavya Kon

Vayavya kon is the northwest corner in Vastu Shastra. It is believed that the northwest corner will help in healing diseases early. The corner is also associated with Navagrahas. There is a belief that water storage should not be on the northwest corner.

Eight Importance of Vayavya Kon

Northwest Corner In Hindu Home in Hindu Home Importance
  1. The Adipatya dev or important deity of the Vayavya kon is Chandrama or moon.
  2. The God associated with the northwest direction is Vayu or the wind god.
  3. This direction is associated with both Navagraha and Devas.
  4. Couples should occupy this room as it is considered auspicious.
  5. Avoid having bathroom in the northwest corner of the house.
  6. The direction is associated with good health, strength and long life.
  7. If a person in the family is suffering constantly from illness then his/her bedroom should be shifted to the northwest corner of the house.
  8. The first meeting between the boy and the girl should not take place in the Vayavya kon.