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Teachings and Quotes from Satapatha Brahmana and Aitareya Brahmana

Brahmanas are text attached to the Samhitas of Rig, Sama, Yajur and Atharva Vedas. They provide explanations of these and guidance for the priests in sacrificial rituals. This is a collection of quotes and teachings from Satapatha Brahmana of Shukla Yajur Veda and Aitareya Brahmana of Rig Veda.

Aitareya Brahmana Quotes on Pilgrimage

Flower like are the heels of the wanderer
Thus his body grows and is fruitful
All his sins disappear
Slain by the toil of his journeying.
There is no happiness for him who does not travel!
Thus we have heard. Living in the society of men,
the best of men becomes a sinner.
Therefore, wander!
The feet of the wanderer are like the flower, his soul
is growing and reaping the fruit; and all his sins are
destroyed by his fatigues in wandering.
Therefore, wander!
The fortune of him who is sitting, sits; it rises when
he rises; it sleeps when he sleeps; it moves when he moves.
Therefore, wander!

Satapatha Brahmana Teachings

 In the next world, they place good and evil deeds in a balance whichever of the two shall outweigh the other that He shall follow, whether it is good or evil. Now whosoever knows this places himself in the balance in this world and is freed from being weighted in the next world, it is by good deeds and not by bad that his scale outweighs.

Purification with water is necessary before any holy activity because man is impure on account of speaking or practicing untruth. Through water internal purification is achieved.

Sinful work of past is erased with righteous work of present. 

The Gods (Devas) and the Asuras (Demons), both of them sprung from Prajapati, entered upon their father’s inheritance – both truth and untruth: both Gods and Asuras, spoke the truth, and they both spoke untruth; and, indeed, speaking alike, they were alike. (9th Kanda, 5th Chapter, 1st Brahmana, Verse 12)

The gods relinquished untruth, and held fast to truth, and the Asuras relinquished truth, and held fast to untruth. (9th Kanda, 5th Chapter, 1st Brahmana, Verse 13)

The gods spoke nothing but truth, and the Asuras nothing but untruth. And the gods, speaking the truth diligently were very contemptible and very poor: he who speaks the truth diligently, becomes indeed very contemptible and very poor; but in the end he assuredly prospers, for the gods indeed prospered. (9th Kanda, 5th Chapter, 1st Brahmana, Verse 16)

And the Asuras, speaking untruth diligently were very prosperous: he who speaks untruth diligently, thrives indeed, and becomes very prosperous; but in the end he assuredly comes to naught, for the Asuras indeed came to naught. (9th Kanda, 5th Chapter, 1st Brahmana, Verse 17) 

One becomes what one meditates on (Satapatha Brahmana X. V. 2. 20)