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Story of Mula Ganga in Kanyakumari Temple – Mula Ganga Well With Fresh Water in Kanyakumari

Mula Ganga is a water reservoir (well) located in the Kanyakumari Temple in Tamil Nadu. When Devi Kanyakumari annihilated the demon Banasura, Devas came to the seashore, the site of the battle, to felicitate Goddess on her victory. But Devas could not find fresh water to pour over the Devi. There was no fresh water in the vicinity and they could not use the salt sea water.

Goddess Kanyakumari then threw down her spear which split the earth a great fountain of water gushed out from the seven Patalas and covered the earth. The flood alarmed the gods and human beings.

They asked Goddess to save them. She then made a huge hole on the spot and contained the water in it and the water never overflowed. This well was named the Mulgaganga.

The Mula Ganga is located in the second Prakaram (inner courtyard) of the temple. Water from it is used during the abhishekam ritual for deities worshipped in the temple. 

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