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Mansarovar Lake and Temple in Vrindavan - Dedicated to Raas Lila of Radha Krishna

Mansarovar Lake and Temple in Vrindavan in Mathura is a holy place associated with Sri Krishna and Radha Rani. Manasarovar Lake is on the outskirts of the Vrindavan town and is about 30-minute drive from the town. The temple here is unique as it only has the murti of Radha. The lake and the temple are associated with the Raas Lila incident.

The popular belief is that the Manasarovar Lake was formed when Radha cried. Her tears formed the lake Mansarovar at Vrindavan.

Story of Mansarovar Lake and Temple in Vrindavan

During the Raas Lila, Radha Rani was proud of the fact that she was dearest to Sri Krishna. During Raas Lila, a Krishna was dancing with each gopi. But Radha was always proud that she was the dearest and could make Sri Krishna do anything for her. Krishna then suddenly took Radha to a secluded place.

A proud Radha wanted to test the love of Sri Krishna, so she asked Him to carry her on His shoulders. Sri Krishna asked her to sit on His shoulders. But when Radha was about to sit, Sri Krishna disappeared.

Unable to bear the pain of separation, Radha started crying and her tears formed the Manasarovar Lake.

There Is Only Murti Of Radha Rani In The Temple

The temple located on the banks of the lake is unique as it only has the murti of Radha Rani. As Sri Krishna had left her alone here, there is no murti of Sri Krishna in the temple.

The temple is made out of white marble. The pillars in circular inner courtyard are made of black marble.