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Prachetas in Hinduism

Prachetas is a name occurring in numerous Hindu scriptures. Prachetasa is a name given to several individuals in Hinduism.

Valmiki, the author of Ramayana, called himself a Prachetasa (Valmiki Ramayana, Uttara Kanda. 93.16-18; 94.25). Under this name he performed penance for a very long period at the Aghamarshana Tirtha (Bhagavad Purana 6.4.21)

As per Vayu Purana (65.53-54) and Mahabharata Sabha Parva (11.14), one Prachetas is one of the prajapatis (progenitors of human race in Hindu religion). They are the mind born son or manasaputras of Brahma.

The ten sons of Prachinabarhisa and Savarna, the daughter of Samudra, were also known by the collective name of Prachetas. The ten sons were expert archers and they performed intense penance for 10,000 years. They had hundreds son who were known as Prachetas. 

These one hundred sons went to the north and became kings of the Mlecchas.

Their son by Marisa was Daksha, who was also known as Prachetasa or Daksha Prajapati after whom the propagation of the human race through cohabitation is said to have commenced. This is mentioned in the Vishnu Purana (1.15.1-9) and Harivamsa (1.2.46)
An author of Smriti is also known by the name and he has been quoted in works on Dharmashastra like Mitakshara, Aparaka and Smriti Chandrika.

Prachetasa Agirasa has been mentioned as the seer of Rig Vedic hymn named Duhsvapnanasana (10.164).

The Vedic God Varuna is also called Prachetas in Bhagavata Purana (7.12.28) and Mahabharata Sabha Parva (7.14).