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Brahmadanda in Hinduism - The Powerful Stick of Brahma That Can Destroy The Universe

Brahmadanda is a staff (stick) which belongs to Lord Brahma. A Brahmastra can only be stopped by a Brahmadanda. It must be noted that the term Brahmadanda is also used to refer to the staff in the hands of an ascetic or a Sage. The power and strength of the Sage is concentrated in the staff.

Legend has it that Vishwamitra had used several arrows against Sage Vasishta including the famous Brahmastra. But all the arrows were destroyed by the Brahmadanda.

Brahmadanda has the power to stop any weapon.

The Powerful Stick of Brahma That Can Destroy The Universe

The spinal column is known as Brahmadanda in Yoga.

Among human beings, today it is associated with the various sticks carried by ascetics.

There is also a popular belief that a Guru never imparts the knowledge of Brahmadanda that he has gained directly from Brahma.

It is believed that Guru Dronacharya had the knowledge of Brahmadanda and he did not teach it to his son, Ashwathama, and his favorite disciple, Arjuna. The reason for it is that the power of Brahmadanda can destroy the entire universe. 

Brahmadanda is both a shield and a weapon. It acts as a shield against all the weapons in the universe. It can protect people from volcanoes, meteorites, fire, earthquake etc.

When Brahmadanda is used as a weapon, it will consume the cosmos.

There is no mention about the composition of the stick. But from the sketchy details it is made of some kind of material that can consume any kind of fire, heat and elements. It can also throw out things that can consume everything on earth and in the universe.

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