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Lakshmana Sharma Quotes - Ardent Follower Of Sri Ramana Maharshi

We need to realize in all its implications the fact that the ego itself is the source of all the evil that besets life. But to most inquirers the ego is dear as life itself, because they think it is themselves, and do not want to lose it. They would rather suffer all the ills of life than be happy without it.

He that will not surrender himself to God’s grace has to suffer worries without end, while the devotee that cultivates the attitude of surrender is free from cares, and therefore happy, even now...

People don’t want simplicity, they want something complicated.

Mind is only thoughts. The more easily you can be without thoughts, the nearer you are to a direct experience of Self. To make the mind die you must deprive it of thoughts.

Humble righteousness is nine-tenths of the Egoless State.

The religious man always thinks that his zeal for making converts is a virtue. It is not a virtue at all, but a vice because this zeal is due to his egoism.

The amount of grace which one receives is proportional to the degree to which one surrenders. If you surrender completely, then you will receive enough grace to realize the Self.

Lakshmana Sharma – an ardent follower of Sri Ramana Maharshi