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Samaveda Quotes - A Collection Of Sama Veda Teachings

Sama Veda is one of the four Vedas in Hinduism. Samaveda consists of chants and prayers. This is a collection of important teachings and quotes from the Samaveda.

Agnir Vrittraani Janghanad (Verse 4)
Agni (fire) destroys the demons (vritras).
Agni implies ‘knowledge’ and Vritta 'darkness of ignorance'. Just as Agni destroys the darkness, in the same manner we should use 'the fire of knowledge' for the destruction of Kama (lust), Krodh (anger), Moha (attachments) and Ahamkara (arrogance) – the five inherent enemies of man. The fire of knowledge is capable of destroying these enemies. Ignorance (darkness) can be destroyed by knowledge of self.

Agne! Nah Drishe Devah Hi Asi (Verse 10)
Agni is the deity, who shows us the (right) path.
Agni is known for his capability to annihilate darkness. As soon as there is light, darkness vanishes and as a result the surroundings become clearly visible. It shows us the right path when it is dark. So, quite rightly Agni has been referred to as the destroyer of darkness and the torch bearer of human beings.

Nah Rayim Vansate (III Verse 2)
Agni blesses us with wealth.
Fire was perhaps one of the first natural sources of energy which became evident to primitive man. Quite naturally, he was mesmerized by its power which was both constructive as well as destructive. Man has been exploiting this energy to his advantage since time immemorial. Had it not been for this natural source of energy, all the progress mankind has witnessed would never have been possible. Not a single factory could run without it. Hence, man's awe of Agni is quite understandable and this was the reason it has been rightly eulogized as the giver of wealth.

A man of self-control becomes the master.
Explanation: The person who has his senses under control is capable of accomplishing unimaginable feats. One, who has mastered himself, can have the world under his control. Nothing is impossible for such a man.

A man of self-control has all his energy focused just as the scattered sunrays passing through a magnifying glass turn into a single ray. Therefore every individual should strive to develop self-control so that his energy gets channelized, mind focused and his capabilities naturally gets improved significantly.

Deities never favor the lazy and indolent.
Explanation: A lazy person can never achieve success. Nobody likes a person who spends his time sitting idle. Laziness erodes a person of his enthusiasm and energy. As a result the person loses all opportunities and finally becomes dejected and frustrated. The worst thing is that he stops believing in himself.


I am ‘rta’, the Truth. I was born in the beginning of creation before the birth of the gods. The rishis call me “amrita”.

The divine poet, holding the sweet melodious flute, reposing on the raging waves of the sea, swiftly glides over the endless canopy of the sky.

Distribute they wealth to those who deserve it,
And seek the love of God,
The most precious treasure of life.

The Lord’s joy manifests through the splendorous beauty and serenity of his creations.

The supreme bliss of this divine love is felt within the soul that is pure and receptive to the sanctity of God’s boundless love. It kindles the innermost self of devotees.

We have infinite faith in that creator of the world, who is the dispeller of all sorrow, the best of leaders, the eternal, the all-pervading, the giver of light and the great protector as also the omniscient.

None can vanquish that devotee of God who has surrendered himself to him.

May the all-knowing God, the destroyer of our troubles, the indweller in the hearts of all, the all-merciful one, lead us in the straight path.

O God! Give us all that we need for our welfare here and destroy all fear brought about by our wrong decisions.

O Supreme Lord! You have two forms, one of brilliant splendor and the other of great peace, fit for contemplation… You are the gracious protector of the universe