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Brahmapuri in Hinduism - The City of Hindu God Brahma

Brahmapuri is the city of Hindu God Brahma, the creator and the first of the trinity in Hinduism. It is believed that the city is located on the summit of Mount Meru. It is believed that the Holy River Ganga descended here and it gets divided into four streams here – namely Sita, Alakananda, Chakshu and Bhadra.

Brahmapuri is nearly 14,000 yojanas.

There are a total of nine cities atop the Mount Meru. Brahmapuri is also known as Brahma's Manovati.

The eight cities of Dikpalas or guardian deities are located around Brahmapuri.

Atharva Veda states that in the city resides a vast-bodied Yaksha (atmati- vadyaksha). Thus, suggesting that there were other beings like Yakshas residing in Brahmapuri.