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Story of Hanuman and Swayamprabha

The story of celestial nymph Swayamprabha took place when Hanuman and the Vanarasena (Monkey army) was searching for Sita. While searching for Sita, Hanuman and friends reached a desert. They did not find any food and water for several days. Matters got worse when some Vanaras fell down due to thirst. If they did not find water in another day many monkeys would die. Hanuman then noticed birds with wet wings leaving a cave. Immediately, the Vanarasena ran into the cave and found a lake inside the cave. Fruit bearing trees grew in abundance on the banks of the lake. Vanaras refreshed themselves and took rest in the cave. Hearing the commotion, a figure emerged from another area of the cave. It was the beautiful nymph Swamyaprabha. She was happy to see the Vanarasena. Swayamprabha was cursed by Indra, the king of the Devas, to live a life of solitude for helping a nymph escape with her demon lover. Swayamprabha did not want the Vanarasena to leave so she kept them en

Symbolism in Ankusa or Goad in the Hand of Ganesha

Ankusa (Goad) is an important weapon in the hand of Ganesha . Goad is held on the upraised right hand of Ganesh – not all artists follow this rule. So you will see Ganapati images with or without goad. Symbolically, goad assures a devotee that Ganesha will remove all the obstacles and difficulties. Ganesha also uses the goad to pull out people who take the path of Adharma. Just as a mahout uses the goad to control the elephant, Ganesha uses it to pull people towards dharma. Symbolically, Ganesha will only bless those devotees who are on the path of Dharma. For those that follow Adharma He will create several obstacles to make them realize truth. It is also believed that goad is used to give a hint to the devotees to understand the need to severe attachments. 

Hindu Stories - Vanara Mainda In Ramayana And Mahabharata

Mainda is one of the monkeys mentioned in the Ramayana and Mahabharata. The vanara was a minister of King Sugriva. He was one of the leaders who led the monkeys who went in search of Mata Sita. In the battle in the Ramayana, he along with other Vanaras fainted. They woke up after they were sprinkled with water given by Kubera. During the Mahabharata period, Mainda was living in a cave in Kishkinda. Sahadeva, one of the Pandavas, who led a victory campaign to South, was defeated by him. Mainda was pleased with the courage of Sahadeva. He gave him valuable gifts and supported his campaign.