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Yadagirigutta Temple – Yadagiri Narasimha Temple

Yadagiri Narasimha Temple, also known as Yadadri Temple, is located at Yadagirigutta in Nalgonda District in Telangana. The temple is dedicated to Lord Narasimha. The shrine is situated atop a hill which is 300 feet in height and hence the name Yadagirigutta. Yadadri Temple is around 60 km from Hyderabad.

Yadagiri Mahatmya quotes from Skanda Purana and states that Sage Vyasa worshipped Lord Narasimha here. The place is also associated with Lord Brahma, Prahlada and Rishyashringa.

Legend has it that Lord Narasimha appeared in three forms at the Yadagirigutta Temple.

These are – Lakshmi Narasimha, Gandaberunda Narasimha and Jwala Narasimha.

In the main cave temple Lord is depicted as Lakshmi Narasimha – he is shown with Goddess Lakshmi in calm and peaceful form with his usual attributes.

Gandaberunda Narasimha murti is worshipped in a below cave which is small.

Jwala Narasimha is depicted as carving on a rock. The murti is associated with a serpent that looks like a flame.

There are also carvings of Yoga Narasimha, Lakshmi Narasimha Nammalvar and Sri Ramanuja in the cave shrine complex.

The annual festival called Adhyayanotsava attracts thousands of devotees. It is observed from eleventh day of the waxing phase of moon to full moon in Margasira month (December). Brahmotsavam is also held during the period.