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Four Sacred Ponds of Puri

The four sacred ponds in Puri (the holy city in Hinduism which houses the famous Jagannath Temple) are Indradyumna, Narendra, Markandeya and Swetaganga. Indradyumna, located near Gundicha Temple, is holiest among the four.

Indradyumna pond is 396 X 485 feet in size and is named after king Indradyumna. Nilakantheshwara murti is located on the southwest bank of the pond.

Narendra pond, also known as Chandanpokhari is 834 X 873 feet in size. It has a platform housing a temple in its center. Chandan Yatra is held in the pond.

Markandeya pond is 370 X 530 feet in size. It has eight Matrika images. Two Shiva temples – Markandeshwara and Nilakanteshwara – are located on its banks.

Swetaganga is situated south of Jagannath Temple. Murtis of Svetamadhava and Matsyamadava are found on its banks.