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Hindu Stories - Uttanka In The Mahabharata

Uttanka was the most intelligent and obedient student of Sage Vedamuni. He followed Dharma and this earned him the blessings of his Guru who blessed him with the knowledge and wisdom to become an authority on all scriptures.

When Uttanaka’s education was complete, he asked his Guru to have his Guru Dakshina. The Guru asked him to pay him what his wife wants.

Uttanka asked his Guru’s wife as to what she wanted as Guru Dakshina.

The wife said that she would be observing a fast known as Punyaka. She wanted the divine earrings that belonged to King Paushya’s queen to complete the fast. The fasting date is in three days time.

Uttanka immediately left to accomplish the mission. On the way to the palace, he met Indra, atop a bull. Indra made him eat a bit of bullock’s dung for his welfare.

King Paushya was happy to welcome Uttanka. When Uttanka told about his mission, the king asked him to talk directly to the queen.

The queen was ready to help Uttanka and gave him the earrings. But the queen warned him that Serpent Takshaka is always on the lookout for the earrings. Uttanka assured her that he would be very careful and left for the hermitage.

But Takshaka stole the earrings when Uttanka was taking bath for his daily evening prayers. Uttanka chased him but he escaped to the Naga Loka.

Uttanka then prayed to Indra for his help. Indra answered his prayers, went to Naga Loka, and brought back the earrings.

Uttanka then carried the earrings to the wife of his Guru and fulfilled his Guru Dakshina.

Later the Guru explained to Uttanka that the bullock dung Indra gave to him had nectar and it helped him in succeeding in his mission.