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Importance of Vel – Symbolism in Vel or Spear of Muruga

Vel or Spear is the weapon associated with Muruga who is also known by the names of Subramanya, Kartikeya, Shanmukha, Swaminathan and Skanda. The Vel was given to Muruga by his mother Goddess Parvati and he annihilated the demon Soorapadman with it. One of the most popular chants associated with Muruga is Vel Vel Shakti Vel - devotees chant this while offering prayers at Muruga Temples.

It is believed that the peerless Vel is Shakti Incarnate - It contains all the powers of Mother Goddess Shakti.

Muruga’s spear is treated with reverence, and in many temples the spear is worshipped with as much fervor as the Murti of Subrahmanya. The popular belief is that daily worship of the spear will help in redemption of sins. It will also help in conquering the fear of death. Worship of it will help in killing away unwanted desires.

Some scholars suggest that symbolically the Vel represents knowledge or learning. The long shaft of the Vel represents many years of learning. The broad portion of the Vel represents the broadening of the mind with the knowledge gathered – such is the effect of true knowledge that mind sees Brahman or supreme truth in everything.

The pointed tip represents one pointed devotion. It also represents one pointed attention. It also represents one pointed ambition. All our efforts should merge into a single point – attainment of self realization which will destroy all sorrows and fears.

Some of the popular chants associated with the Vel are:

Gnana Vel (Spear of wisdom)
Shakti Vel (Spear of power)
Veera Vel (Spear of valour)

It also embodies the depth of thinking, height of perception, breadth of vision and sharpness of intellect.

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