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Palakapya – Author of Hastyayurveda – The Text Deals with Health of Elephants

Palakapya is the author of well known Ayurveda text which deals with the health of elephants. Legend has it that Palakapya was the son of Sage Samagayana and a female elephant, which had accidently drunk the sage’s urine containing his semen. He is believed to be an incarnation of Dhanvantari and lived on the banks of Brahmaputra River.

Hastyayurveda Text is a comprehensive work on elephant medicine. The text is partly in prose and partly in verse. It is in the form of a dialogue between the Asga King Romapada and Palakapya. The exact date of the text is unknown.

The text is divided into four sections

  • Major ailments
  • Minor ailments
  • Surgical treatment and
  • Detailed treatment of some topics like anatomy, physiology, seasonal changes and the frenzied behavior of elephants.
The text is also known as Gajayurveda.