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Temple Dedicated to Karna of Mahabharat at Netwar in Tons Valley in Uttarakhand

The unique temple dedicated to Karna, who was abandoned Kunti, mother of Pandavas He eventually allied with the Kauravas and fought against his brothers, the Pandavas. At the temple it is not warrior Karna who is worshipped but Dhanveer Karna. The great warrior was famous for his charitable nature.

Respecting the philanthropic aspect of Karna, the villagers of Netwar propagate his ideals. The village has banned giving or taking of dowry.

The Karna Temple is a rectangular wood structure with roofs lined with slates. The top of the temple has a wooden umbrella.

The wooden beams and columns are noted for the scenes from the Mahabharata and carvings of birds, animals and reptiles.