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Yama Smriti

Yama Smriti is one of the earliest Hindu smritis (code of laws). It deals with expiation, purification and propitiatory rituals for the ancestors. Although scholars consider it as a minor smriti, Yama is enumerated in the famous Yajnavalkya Smriti as a lawgiver. So the text is considered important by many.

There are several versions of Yama Smriti available. Some of these texts include in parts topics related to Dharmasashtra like legal procedures and polity.

A substantial part of the Yama Smriti is devoted to prescription of expiatory atonement to various types of guilts, misdeeds and impieties, committed consciously or otherwise.

A great portion of the text is also devoted to dos and don’ts relating to Shradha – ritualistic propitiation of the dead ancestors.